The ANTS. leather lifestyle brand was born from a need to wear well-designed, quality leather pieces having a contemporary feel yet a lasting character. ANTS. styles are produced in limited editions by passionate local craftsmen, whom use their fine skills and knowledge to create a unique product.

Inspired by both Dutch design and Asian culture, ANTS. brings a mixture of practicality and cool aesthetics, with an interesting balance between dark influences and a touch of humour while transcending gender-based and seasonal boundaries in fashion. ANTS. is a nonconformist brand, lifting up your leather lifestyle.

Carry on the ANTS. style.



1.1.1 ANTS. produces small volume limited collections, all (hand)crafted on Bali

1.1.2 ANTS. works together with a small leather factory owned by a local family

1.1.3 ANTS. is closely involved in the whole production process

1.1.4 ANTS. uses natural leather and leather skins which are rejected by other brands because of small impurities in their colour and grain

1.1.5 ANTS. likes these ‘scars’ in leather hides, as they show the beautiful natural character of it. No skin is the same, every piece is unique

1.1.6 ANTS. is unisex

1.1.7 ANTS. does not follow collection seasons

1.1.8 ANTS. keeps you in the loop on the entire production process, from sketch to actual product

1.1.9 ANTS. loves slow life